Manager Kim

Manager Kim Manga is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua which was translated to English. The Drama series was written by Manager Kim. Manager Kim is also called (AKA) “Director Kim / 김부장” 김부장. The story of this comic is About “Please don’t touch the guy wearing glasses…” Department head Kim, who quit his job as a special agent only for his daughter Minji and chose to be normal.”Then one day, Minji disappeared silently, and Manager Kim began to find his daughter by turning the country that monitors him into an enemy.[Lookism] [How to Fight] and [Life Destination] The world view of spinoff!

Summary :
Manager Kim is a world-class strongman with excellent software, experience from his former job as a state secret agent, and unstoppable physical abilities. Also, since he was a special agent for an intelligence agency, he is highly likely to be good at military special lethal martial arts, including weapons.
First of all, the battle with Park Hyung-seok and Chae Won-seok showed only a part of Kim’s skills, and as he was not shaken even after seeing the fighting power of Sung Yo-han, the strongest in the work, the future battle scenes are also worth looking forward to. It is highly probable that he was even more powerful in his youthful heyday when he was active as a state secret agent in the midst of showing his equal skills against the young powerful in the As it was revealed in the webtoon ‘Chief Kim’ that he was an elite agent in the Special Operations Unit of the Armed Forces Intelligence Command, where only murder weapons are gathered, it is highly likely that he was one of the strongest in his prime when he was younger than now. However, if you look at the description from the point of view of the superstitious nature of appearance, there are many opinions that it is a little short of Lee Do-gyu, and there are Park Jong-gun and Kim Jun- goo who are evaluated as equal to Lee Do-gyu, so it is not recommended to jump to conclusions. (With this level of combat power, the assassination of Kim X Il was not actually attempted, but it may be possible at any time…)

Main Characters:
Park Chung-ju: Choi Sang-ho – Direct subordinates belonging to the same Baekho workforce. However, looking at the acquiescence of Manager Kim himself, who tried to ignore the rules of the white tiger manpower, it seems to be a fairly close relationship beyond a simple boss-subordinate relationship.
Lee Do- gyu: Even knowing his true identity, he accepted him without hesitation, so at least he was able to grow up without worrying too much about money.
Chae Won: After hearing Chae Won-seok’s advice as a target that reminds him of youth in the past, he seems to have continued to fall in love with it, and in the end, he decides to send the funny dog ​​home. Fortunately, it was accomplished with the acquiescence of the two assistants, and I told Chae Won-seok to learn from himself rather than self-teach if he wants to become strong, and after that, he taught Chae Won-seok.
St. John – A new subordinate. He smiled brightly, arguing that he had highly praised Sung Yohan’s fighting power, and praised it as the pride of the white tiger manpower.
Sung Han – soo – Friend and colleague.
Kim Min – ji – his very precious daughter. He has so much affection for his daughter that he even cherishes the handkerchief she gave him.
Park Jin – cheol – At the time of the hostage incident of the South and North Korean presidents in the past, he helped Park Jin-cheol and has a friendly relationship.